curriculum vitae

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General Information

Full Name Qi Zeng/曾祺
Languages English, Chinese


  • 2023 - Present
    Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    University of California, Berkeley, U.S.
    • Concentration: Data Science and Systems
  • 2020 - 2023
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics
    Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.
    • Graduated with highest honors
    • Math major concentration: Probability and Statistics
    • Computer Science major threads: Intelligence and People
  • 2019-2020
    Undergraduate Coursework in Mathematics
    University of Florida, U.S.
    • Transferred to Georgia Institute of Technology on August 2020.

Work Experiences

  • May 2022 - Aug. 2022
    Application Development Intern
    ADP, LLC., Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.
    • Assisted full-time backend developers to decouple previously dependent projects, resulting in faster compilement for development.
    • Developed multiple Jersey RESTful web service APIs in Java and integrated the APIs into the existing code base.
  • 2021 - 2023
    Student Assistant
    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
    • Assisted Dr. Gregory Mayer with weekly office hours, evaluated over 600+ students performance and answered students' questions in the Multivariable Calculus class.
    • Assisted Prof. Anton Leykin to evaluate 100+ students' performance in the Second Course to Linear Algebra class.
    • Assisted James Anderson to evaluate 80+ students' performance in the Applied Combinatorics class.


  • Sep. 2021 - Jan. 2023
    Competitive Physics Informed Neural Network
    • A generative-discriminator framework for Physics Informed Neural Networks (PINN) for partial differential equations. Advised by Florian Schäfer and Spencer Bryngelson, joint work with Yash Kothari.
    • First author of a paper accepted to the 11th International Conference on Learning Representations.


  • Sep. 2023 - Present
    Capstone Project: Deep Learning on Time Series
    • Working on a Capstone project of applying deep learning methods on time series. Mentored by Yunkai Zhang, a PhD student in Prof. Zeyu Zheng's lab at UC Berkeley.
  • Jun. 2021 - Sep. 2021
    Open Source Project Contribution: ERDDAP

Honors and Awards

  • 2023
    Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award
    College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2020 - 2023
    Faculty Honors (x4) and Dean's List (x2)
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2019 - 2020
    President's Honor Roll (x2)
    University of Florida